Fat Man Candy Company 'Cause skinny guys don't know sweet.

Is The Fat Man actually fat?

He's not thin. But, as he's quick to point out, he requires only one airline seat, even in coach. 

Which flavors are gluten-free?

All of them!

Where can I buy your bark?

Check our Retail Locations page for a store near you. And, of course, it's here in our online store!

Where can I try your bark?

Mr. & Mrs. Fat Man love to give out samples and meet customers! Follow us on Facebook to see our demo times and locations.

Does your chocolate bark contain allergens?

Both the white and dark chocolates contain dairy.

Almond Java and Coco-Rum Crunch contain tree nuts. Not surprisingly, there are almonds in Almond Java; Coco-Rum Crunch contains almonds and coconut. They are processed in the same facility as the other flavors, using the same equipment, but never at the same time. And we're quite spic-and-span.

We do not manufacture any product containing peanuts.

Wait a minute. I bought some bark, and my ingredient label lists 'soy.' What gives?

Our chocolate supplier, Guittard Chocolate Company, recently eliminated soy lecithin from its products in response to consumer concerns. We're elated!

How does Mrs. Fat Man feel about changing all those ingredient labels?

Not elated.

Where can I find the whole ingredient list?

Go to 'Shop' and choose the flavor you want to know about.

Is your chocolate sustainable? Non-GMO? Fair trade?

Yes, yes, and yes. Read more here.

Who makes the bark?

We do. Mr. and Mrs. Fat Man. Ourselves. This is as artisan and small-batch as it gets!

I'm stocking up for birthdays and holidays. How long does this stuff last?

We round it off to 12 months from date of manufacture, but really it's okay even longer than that. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Fat Man have been known to fail their own "Old vs. New" blind taste-tests. 

Is there caffeine in the Almond Java bark?

Yes, a trace amount. An ounce of Almond Java contains about 9 mg of caffeine from coffee; for comparison, a tall Starbucks Pike Place Roast contains 235 mg.

Does Coco-Rum Crunch actually contain rum?

No - it's just flavoring. You'll have to think of another reason to not share it with your kids.