Fat Man Candy Company 'Cause skinny guys don't know sweet.

What is chocolate bark?  

Fat Man Candy Premium Chocolate Bark is two layers of chocolate - dark and white - infused with amazing flavors. So, yes - we've taken the best thing in the world and made it better.

Each variety begins with a base of fine Guittard dark chocolate. Then we spread on a topping of Guittard white. (Did we mention Guittard? That's all we use.) 

We add top-quality ingredients like California almonds, natural oils, and hard candy handcrafted in copper kettles.

All of this spreading and and mixing and flavoring is still done in small batches by The Fat Man himself (and Mrs. Fat Man too) "'Cause skinny guys don't know sweet."

That's all you need to know. 

Oh, and it's all gluten-free. You need to know that too. 

Wait! One last thing: we cut our bark into nifty little pieces instead of leaving it in gigantic, jagged hunks that you have to break apart yourself. #fatmancares

Yes, we're geniuses, but it helps to start with the best

We proudly source our ingredients from these suppliers:

Guittard Chocolate Company   

Guittard has been a San Francisco institution since 1868. 

The company is committed to fair trade, honorable sourcing, and farm sustainability. It is a strong partner in public and private initiatives that promote education, child welfare, and gender equality in cocoa farming communities.

Guittard uses non-GMO sugar, RBGH-free dairy, sunflower lecithin instead of soy, and sustainable palm oil.

California Almond Packers & Exporters
Direct-from-the-grove supplier in Corning, California.

Attune Foods
"Simple ingredients. Simply made." -- Eugene, Oregon

Butterfields Candy Company 
Producer of dairy-free, gluten-free, pure cane sugar candy in Nashville, North Carolina.

Claeys Candy, Inc. 
"Making life a little sweeter since 1919" -- South Bend, Indiana

King Leo/Quality Candy Company
The "King of Peppermint" since 1901 -- Nashville, Tennessee