Fat Man Candy Company 'Cause skinny guys don't know sweet.

Terms & Conditions

The Fat Man cannot control the weather. (Shocking, right?!?) Nor, to his dismay, can he control the temperature inside the vehicle bringing delicious bark to your doorstep. Our chocolate bark can get cold or even freeze with no ill effects, but obviously hot weather requires a little planning.

Those little freezer packs? Meh. They melt after a few hours, unless we ship your chocolate in an actual cooler. (We don't.)

What we can do during the summer months is make sure your order spends as little time in transit as possible. So instead of sending out your 2-Day Priority order on a Friday, we'll hold it till Monday so it doesn't sit in a warehouse all weekend.

If it's hot where you are, please ship to an address where someone will be available to accept delivery. 

To sum up: the Fat Man is not responsible for ambient air temperature, delivery vehicle conditions, the tilt of Earth or its current proximity to the sun, or your hot front porch. If you do have a couple of soft pieces, stick 'em in a scoop of ice cream; everyone will think you're a dessert genius!